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Chip Kelly mania is in full force. People are aware that a genius just entered the NFL ranks. Don’t take it from me though, look at what Peter King (one of the most respected names in NFL coverage) had to say about Kelly.

kelly tweetThat sort of high praise speaks for itself.

Twitter is on fire with Kelly coverage- check out this tweet.



Who knew someone could do so much with 144 characters and a diagram? #qualitytweeting

Anyway, the #ChipKelly mania is great, but I wonder how much more love will pour out for Kelly if the Eagles win 45-17  tomorrow against the  Chargers.

The even bigger test comes when Kelly’s offence has to keep up with the ageless-wonder Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos September 29th.  That game will be my litmus test to gague how much#ChipKelly mania is a healthy ammount.  Mr. Kelly will have 10 days of rest after the upcoming Thursday night showdown against Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs, and after this 3 game stretch, there will be a lot more questions answered for me about Chip Kelly.

My prediction  for the Eagles is Kelly can go 4-0 to start his career, but he will need help from his defense to get past the Broncos. That will be a tall task for a team that thrives on a no huddle offense to travel to Mile High stadium where the air is thin and hard to adjust to. If he can win that game, I will not only jump on the Chip Kelly bandwagon, but I will be driving the buss.  Until then, I will be watching carefully how this no huddle looks in weeks 2,3 and especially week 4.

Let’s go Chip- make me a believer baby!