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Who’s It Going To Be?

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Foles will likely start this weekend vs. the Cowboys, a game that will decide who sits atop the NFC East.  NFL Analysts are starting to come around on Foles, including Sal Paolantonio who highlighted Foles 4th quarter prowess since taking over for the injured Vick (hamstring).  Let us look at the comparison.

Foles completed 9 of 14 passes for 198 yards and 4 touchdowns in relief of Mike Vick the past two weeks- both Eagles victories.  On the flipside, Mike Vick completed just 17 of 32 for 255 yards and zero touchdowns in the final quarter of games this season.

Granted, Vick has played more, but Foles has only been sacked 2 times.  Meanwhile, the elusive Mike Vick has been taken down 14 times!

Eagle insider Alex Smith posted an hour ago on that, “For the first time in his NFL career, Nick Foles has been named NFC Offensive Player of the Week.”  Looks like Foles is turning heads all across the NFL.

Since the moment Vick won the job in training camp, we knew the day would come that Foles would get to play because Vick so rarely stays healthy and Foles gives better NFL Betting Odds.  What we didn’t know was how ready he would be to lead the Eagles to victories.

Vick is still hurt, but when he’s healthy, it still may be time to let Foles run Chip Kelly’s offense.