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Joseph Dadura Jr. Memorial Benefit from Carli Lloyd USWNT

All of us can remember those coaches from our youth, the ones that shaped us into the people we are today. The ones we can still hear in our head scouting instructions. The coaches that changed our life for the better, these coaches played, in some caes, a bigger part in our life than our teachers.
In December, U.S. Women’s National Team (soccer) player Carli Lloyd lost one of her childhood coaches, Joe Dadura Jr., a coach that played a huge role in Lloyd’s career and her life. Lloyd today is one the best soccer players in the world.  She made international headlines this summer with her two goals in the Gold Medal game. Her double in London led the USA to a 2-1 win over Japan.
Lloyd sent out an e-mail (today) Feb. 7th addressing a benefit to help Dadura’s family. Below is the e-mail Lloyd sent out, following the letter is a few questions I asked Lloyd about her former coach. Please read this and share.
via Carli Lloyd
“Dear Friends,
As many of you know, my dear friend and former Medford Strikers coach, Joe Dadura Jr., passed away on December 4, 2012.  He leaves behind his cherished wife of nearly 40 years, and three daughters. Ten years earlier, Joe had been severely injured by a drunk driver and due to his declining health, was unable to secure life insurance.  This unfortunate set of circumstances and ongoing medical bills from the accident have left his family with a difficult financial burden.
As a way to honor Joe and his memory, and to help ease the financial hardship on his family, his friends and loved ones are holding a benefit on March 16th. Proceeds of this benefit will go towards medical and household expenses and the start-up of the Joseph Dadura Jr. Memorial Soccer Tournament, which is being created in his honor.
We hope you can join us for a catered buffet dinner, drinks and dancing. Auction Basket tickets will be available throughout the evening for your chance to win some fabulous prizes.  If you are unable to attend, perhaps you will consider a monetary donation in Joe’s memory.
For further details on the benefit and to purchase tickets, or to make a donation, please click the link at the top of this email.
I hope to see you all there.
Carli Lloyd”
Charlie Flowe, “When did Coach Dadura starting working with you?


Carli Lloyd, “Joe decided to form his own team with the Medford Strikers when I was in 6th grade so around 1995. I was one of the 5 original players who was there till the end along with his daughter Kacy Dadura, Maureen Tohidi, Quinn Sellers and Venice Williams.”

CF, “What lasting impression did he leave with you that carry today?”
CL, “I tried out for a select team and did not make it but Joe saw me there and gave me a chance to be apart of his team. He was like family to me. We spent so much time together and with this opportunity I was able to be seen on a national level to get me exposure for college. Joe was always smiling and laughing. You never wanted to make him mad though. He definitely let you know if he was not happy with you. He cared about all of us so much, as if we were all his daughters. He would do anything for us. He has touched so many peoples lives and I will never forget him.”
CF, “What is the best and funniest soccer moment you shared with Joe?”


CL, “I can picture his laugh and smile right now. I did get into some trouble one away game though! It is funny now but was not funny when it happened. A few of my teammates and I decided to hang out with some boys in our hotel before a game and got busted! I regret doing it and Joe was NOT happy but obviously we have laughed about it in recent get togethers. I wasn’t the ring leader though! Being able to win 2 state championships with Joe and the girls was something I will cherish forever. Those were some of the best times of my life.”

Here is a link to the event: