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Miley Cyrus Looks Hot Again!

Miley's Instagram post two days after the VMA twerk-fest.

Now this is a sports blog, but our generation has to get over after the VMA performance by Miley Cyrus.

I count on the VMAs for a couple things.

1.  At least one quality performance.   (This year I felt I got 3 with Gaga, Timberlake and Mr. West, so I was happy.)

2. Justin Timberlake will probably be there.  (As you can see, that was covered in my first expectation.)

3. Someone will make an ass of themselves…  this year, that was Miley Cyrus.

Well 3-3 was not a bad night for me, but for Miley, let’s look at three areas she may want to work on.

1: Too much grinding. Doesn’t Robin Thicke got a wife Miley? She’s your dad’s age- you just got out of the teddybear costume- this was confusing…


2: The aforementioned Teddy-Bear/Mouse outfit with and that tongue!  Put away all the tounges, at least for a little! Sticking out your tounge and bending over is hardly a dance move!

images (1)

3. That hair due with the skin-colored suit. Not flattering. Remember when Brtittney wore that color? Bad results.


Hard to imagine Mickey Mouse approving of moat or any of this, although for some strange reason, a much odder-looking mouse is her choice of outfit.  Maybe breaking the Mickey Mouse mold was the whole point.

Never knew teddy bears went on lingerie…  but as we can see from Miley’s instagram- Teddy Bears are like freakin’ aphrodisiacs!


Now that we helped out Miley, I wanted to thank you for posting a picture that isn’t creepy.

Okay so let’s review…

… Hot Lady + Sexy Basketball Jersey= Dude-tastic …


… Hot Lady + Teddy Bears + Poor Fitting tight clothing + too much grinding/tougne = confusing/nightmarish couple of days of media coverage!

Now that I am done with my math, I figured its good to remind you to scroll back to the top of the page…

…Begin forgetting about Miley’s un-sexy performance by remembering that she is still very freakin’ hot, given the right situation and a lack of teddy bears.