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MLS Trademarks Two Possible New York Team Names: “Empire FC” and “City FC”


MLS Commissioner Don Garber’s crusade to bring another franchise (it would be the league’s 20th) to the New York metropolitan area continued today when Major League Soccer put two trademarks on possible team names for the Big Apple: “Empire FC” and “City FC.”  Garber has made it clear that before another New York franchise can be added to the league, there needs to be an investor to support the construction of a new stadium.  The new stadium itself will probably cost at least $300 Million to build, making the price tag for a second NY franchise somewhere in the $400-500 Million dollar range.

The last anyone heard, the idea was to still base the new team and stadium in Flushing Meadows, presumably in the Flushing Meadows park area.  Anywhere else in New York, and the price goes up dramatically.  Luckily, Flushing Meadows is in Queens, which is an actual borrow of New York City, so the 20th MLS franchise would be a “true” New York team, unlike the New York Red Bulls who play in Harrison, New jersey.

Another interesting fact is that both of these team names are overly simple, like an English Premiere League squad name.  This is actually a nice change of pace from the gimmicky squad names in MLS like the Fire or Earthquakes.  Both names, if chosen, bring a little more legitimacy and class to the league.  The only questions remaining is who is going to shell out a possible $500 Million and when it will happen.