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Even MY Patience is Gone!

Andy Quit Sign
Andy Quit Sign

Photo Credit: USA Today

I have been far more patient than the average Philadelphia Eagles fan. I recall fans calling for the movement of Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb a good season or two before the Eagles actually made the change on that unforgettable Easter Sunday trade. During those seasons prior to that replacement, I was loud and clear saying, “calm down. McNabb is a good quarterback. Let’s stop knee-jerking.”

Over the past number of seasons with Michael Vick, I have heard the fan base get louder and more vociferously beating the drum about the end of the Andy Reid era. I have patiently said, “calm down. You’re talking about the best head coach the Philadelphia Eagles have ever had.”

Okay, I will now testify to you all – I acquiesce. Even MY patience has worn thin and I have had it! I am sick of the Philadelphia Eagles. I am sick of watching games that appear to be over by the first quarter’s second possession. I am sick of watching the same first 25 pre-ordained offensive plays. I am sick of time clock mismanagement. I am sick of a running game that doesn’t exist while you possess one of the top-5 running backs in the league. I am sick of turnovers, sacks and an offensive line that is not just inept, it’s virtually non-existent. I’m sick of hearing about a “west coast” offense that hasn’t been implemented on this team in about six-seven seasons. I’m sick of hearing “we’ve got to do a better job.”

In a word, the Eagles are stale. They’re bland. They’re predictable. Worst of all, they’re enabling. Everyone in the management of this team continues to support the next one down the line to the extent we as fans, are not only feeling cheated by the disguised hype that comes at us seasonally (weekly for that matter), we feel betrayed.

Now, don’t just read that and gloss over it. It’s a strong word; and the word is betrayed.

To be unfaithful in guarding, maintaining, or fulfilling; to disappoint the hopes or expectations of; be disloyal to.

I can’t think of a word that sums up the past 14 Philadelphia Eagle seasons other than, “betrayed.” By admitting that, you have no idea how full a 180 degrees I have come in a very short period of time.

Just a few short weeks ago, I was supporting Michael Vick; I was supporting Andy Reid telling anyone (everyone) that would listen, “calm down.” Now, I’ve got folks around me saying, “Mike, calm down.” But, let’s break it down. Have the Philadelphia Eagles been “unfaithful in guarding . . . or fulfilling”? For sure. No denying that. Have the Eagles been disappointing our “hopes or expectations?” Have they been “disloyal?” Think about it. Answer? No doubt.

The performance by the Philadelphia Eagles against the Dallas Cowboys at home (November 11th – 38-23 loss) was one of the most uninspiring, leadership-less, lack luster, disgruntling losses I have seen in fourteen years. I was positively disgusted.

I am a monster NFL football fan. I’m going to watch football every Sunday from now till the end of the season from 1 p.m. until midnight. I will watch three games at once and I will track all of the others going on simultaneously over the Internet. It’s what I do. It’s how I operate.

But, frankly, I don’t give a damn any longer for the rest of this season whether the Philadelphia Eagles game for that weekend is premiered on the “big screen” . . . the “little screen” . . . or, no screen! I have been following the Philadelphia Eagles since 1970. That year they ended their season 3-10-1, finished fifth in the NFC East, and were coached by Jerry Williams (who?).

Since then I’ve gone through the likes of Marion Campbell, Rich Kotite, and Ray Rhodes. I’ve also gone through the high times of Dick Vermeil and Andy Reid.

If I were to go to a moment in time, when the train began to derail – the wheels began to come off the bus – it would be with the loss of Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson. Up to that point, Reid’s flaws seemed to be concealed. I began to realize shortly thereafter that Reid may have just been a lucky coach, surrounded by talented players and support staff that belied his own coaching abilities. Suddenly, it became crystal clear to me, the emperor has no clothes!

Even with that stated, I take nothing away from Andy Reid’s accomplishments here with the Philadelphia Eagles. But, at present, it’s old. It’s “stale.” It’s trite. It’s uninspiring. It’s without leadership, and the flaws have now become apparent.

Is it a foregone conclusion that Andy Reid is gone? Well, better question; could Jeffrey Lurie possibly allow him to return next year even if, by chance, in some miraculous recovery he were to go 7-0 in their remaining seven games and (only) possibly make the playoffs? Has this fan base moved so far away from him that even with some act of heroics in the waning weeks, the fans would accept him back?

Should Andy Reid be removed now? If so, for what reason? To “save face” with the fan base, but who do you replace him with? Marty Mornhinweg? Todd Bowles? For what purpose?

We’ve ALL had it now with Andy Reid always promising “a better job.” So, assuming he’s gone, it seems to me we just need to persevere with the remaining seven games. You might as well just stop booing . . . and, “boo-hooing.” Don’t throw the derisive cheers. Give the man a few remaining weeks of respect for the most successful coach in Eagles history.

I am sick enough now of the Philadelphia Eagles to just ignore them . . . and Andy Reid, and I NEVER thought I would be in this position.