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New York Cosmos Propose State of the Art, $400 Million Dollar Stadium Plan



The recently revived (2010) New York Cosmos announced earlier today their intention to build a state of the art, $400 Million dollar soccer specific stadium in Belmont Park on Long Island.  The 25,000 seat stadium as well as entertainment complex would be privately funded and create 500 construction related jobs as well as 3,000 permanent jobs once completed.  The space would also turn Belmont Park into a thriving local for night life, adding nine restaurants and eateries, 250,000 square feet of retail space, as well as room for a 175 room hotel.

The Cosmos also plan on giving back to the community by building a second soccer field at the location that would be open for local teams to practice and play on.  They have also pledged $2.5 million dollars into redesigning and developing new fields around the area,

If and when the project is approved (The Empire State Development Corporation is currently reviewing the proposal), ground would break in 2014 with completion slated to be around 2015.  The stadium would then be ready to use for the Cosmos’ 2016 season.  With the likes of a stadium such as this, the plan is to also bring in International friendlies, World Cup qualifying matches for the US Men’s and Women’s National Team’s, as well as a possible venue for future World Cups.

As far as transportation is concerned, the new stadium would sit right on the Cross Island Expressway and have easy access to both the Long Island Rail Road Belmont stop and MTA bus service.

What has made this proposal so interesting is that the Cosmos’ aren’t building this stadium as a way to try and break into the MLS (they currently play in the NASL, the second division US pro soccer league), but as a way to compete with them.  Major League Soccer announced earlier in 2012 their intention to build a $300 Million dollar stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park funded by whoever purchases the 20th league franchise which would be NY based.  When asked for comment by Sports Illustrated about the Cosmos’ proposal, MLS declined to comment, making it pretty clear they are none to happy about the proposal.  Either that, or they believe it will never happen.

With no promotion or relegation in Major League Soccer, the NASL with the Cosmos’, if both could once again be successful, could be real competition for the league with a stadium such as this.  Another option could see FIFA force promotion/relegation on MLS if the NASL does prove successful.  There really is no downside to bringing promotion/relegation to the US, but that’s a topic for a whole other discussion.

Either way, if completed, the project would be a win for both Belmont and the Cosmos’ as well as bringing even more significance to the beautiful game in the USA.  Stay tuned to Philly Sports Live for more on the proposed new stadium.

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Thanks to Sports Illustrated, Richard McGovern, and the New York Cosmos for some of the information used in this article.