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NFLPA Asked NFL Players to Get Waivers From Their Tattoo Artists

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wpid-IMG_20130827_214209.jpgAccording to Sports Business Correspondent for ABC news, Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell), the NFL wants players to do the footwork in getting releases from their personal tattoo artists, presumably for licencing purposes.

The NFL wants the rights for the tattoo so that they can sell it as part of the licensing deal to partners like EA sports, who make the iconic Madden franchise.

The NFL wants to make sure the only brand on those players is the NFL, and not a team of sue-happy tatoo artists.

Interesting story to follow, and if you don’t already- follow @darrenrovell on Twitter by clicking the picture of his tweet. He is the best in the biz for the business of sports.  (By the way check out ESPN’s 9 for 9- Branding if you are looking for a great documentary today)

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