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NHL Lockout Ends


Finally some good news related to the NHL, when all hope seemed lost, we will have hockey. It took Federal mediator, Scot Beckenbaugh to get done what the NHL and NHLPA could not. Beckenbaugh had already held separate meetings with the union and league before today. The NHL will look to have a shortened 48-game season starting Jan 19th.

Beckenbaugh’s work is medal worthy. He spent more than 12 hours Friday walking between the New York City headquarters of each party. Friday started at 10 a.m. ET and finished up around 11 p.m. last night. Neither sides met in the same room Friday but enough was accomplished to convince them to move forward and end the lockout.

The timing isn’t great, but soon enough that there wasn’t a complete loss of the season. The NHL could not afford another completely lost season since the it goes head-to-head with the NBA and the NLL. These leagues could gain ground from a lock-out. Also, markets in cities with only an NHL team would really be hit by the loss of income. The NHL teams don’t have a lot time to get ready, but a lot players are in shape from playing in Europe and the minor leagues. The teams to watch this season will be the young teams with legs as the NHL may average 3.5 games per week verse the normal 3 games a week.  Stay tuned for more details on the NHL as the league is suppose to resume play on January 12th.