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Tebow Cut- Reaction and Videos (Including ESPN Tebow Remix)

Thanks to for posting this photo worth at least 1,000 words.

I love money, sports and being the good guy just as much as the next warm blooded American. That is why when I hear that Tim Tebow was cut, I want to find write a real story.

Well, I guess that’s kinda the story. In this analogy Bart Simpson would be Tom Brady and his sister Lisa is Tim Tebow, and Homer is Bill Bellichick and…

However brilliant the Philiosophies of Homer Simposon may seem, I am going to look at this a different way. I like Darren Rovell @darrenrovell train of thinking on this. Long after Tebow, Rovell will still be generating more stories for me than Tebow ever could. Here is the insight.

This guy – Tebow- is still the American Dream. So before you start feeling bad for Tim Tebow, remember that his celebrity is worth its weight in gold.  My prediction- this will not be the last time every news source in the country is compelled (and nearly mandated) to write a Tebow article.

Here are some great ones to give you everything you need to know.  The first time I have ever ever seen Stephen A Smith agree with Skip Bayless (stars of ESPN’s First Take) on Tebow (and I have running tabs- not really). However- it is great to see two great thinkers agree on an issue that they have covered exhaustively.

If you are still reading- much love- I figured this is the time to do the right thing and use my time on the TIM TEBOW stage to talk about something I deeply care about- fair wage.

By the way, if you were wondering why Jay and Justin are in the headline- it is Made in America today in Philly and on behalf of at least PhillySportsLive and probably the rest of Philly, thanks Jay- hook me up with some tickets.

I love Jay and Justin.

This article actually took a little longer than I thought to get together, so I had this on too.  Beer’ded Ben (our mascot up at the top left of your screen) dared me to connect a Tebow article to the 7 dirty words, and I understood the ironic pursuit enough to indulge.


In the spirit of sharing.  Here is my last bit for you- ESPN gold.


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