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Tebow Could Be Cut by the Patriots


Tim Tebow may be cut by the New England Patriots after their final preseason game Thursday night vs the New York Giants.

According to, head coach Bill Belichick claimed that 80 percent of the roster was decided heading into one final week of practice before NFL Networks Thursday Night game. The Patriots won their first two this preseason but were handled 40-9  by the Lions (of all teams) in their last outing.  Tebow did not play one snap in that game.

Tebow said he was prepared to play last Thursday night and that it wasn’t any problem that he didn’t even play. Tebow went on to say he was ready to be cut during the first cut down day, even though he’s expecting to make the top 75.

Wow- not a lot of confidence from the guy who changed the standard for how early a player can be considered for a Heisman trophy.  Hopefully for Tim, that is just his classic-Tebow humility showing through, because he is going to need all the courage in the world to convince the nation, and more importantly Bill Belichick that he is not a fairly useless NFL player.

Belichick said certain packages on offense weren’t completed. He didn’t mention Tebow directly, but everyone saw how he could still be on the roster from what little Belichick gave to the media. Essentially, for Tim Tebow to make it on the final 53-man roster, it will be as a third string QB behind Ryan Mallet (sometimes the Pats only carry two) or as a special package guy… or a combination of both.

One thing is clear- it is time for Tebow to buck up and prove his worth.

But, just for fun, let’s look at it this way- Belichick is a known genius.  He might want to put this pressure on Tim by not starting him last game- making it clear he is not essential- and in doing so, hopefully get Tim to prove what he is going to be worth under the scrutiny that follows Tebow wherever he goes.


I found this on a Denver sports blog and yes- at first i thought it was funny. However when I thought about it Denver, Tebow won you a playoff game against the defending champion Steelers, was your best QB before you ditched him(granted-understood). But then Elway ruined his career by sending him to the Jets, and the Broncos just move on like la-di-da with Peyton Manning.  So on second thought, you got some guts calling that man a bench warmer in your town, Denver!

I say if Tebow isn’t a Belichick-guy, than what is he?  Seriously, if Bill can’t find use for Tebow- its going to make it hard for anyone else to consider Tim Tebow’s brand of football a useful commodity.

No one really ever wanted to see Tebow end up like any other NFL martyr- a winner without a job- like Vince Young.  How is it that two guys with career winning records and great track records can’t have a better NFL career? Simple- they are no longer on the best teams, with the best players around them playing inferior opponents that are easy to dominate.  Young and Tebow had to adjust to a league full of guys just like them on the field every single play.  They don’t have NFL goods the way they had those NCAA goods.

Update if you did not know, Philadelphia.  Vince  Young (yep Dream-Team Vince Young) has a way better chance than Tebow, for the moment, of re-invigorating his NFL career.  Recently Young received nod for the backup job behind Aaron Rodgers for the Green Bay Packers after thoroughly beating out Graham Harrell for the job.  Good time to bring that up Philly, because or QB envy is pretty low in the Vince Young category right now, but good for Vince!

Back to the point, does anyone care about a Tebow story?  Why did you read?  To hope he succeeded?  To see him fail?  Weird to ask this just one year after the circus began in New York, but Tebow doesn’t seem to be in control of very much since he has joined the NFL.  Time for him to take charge and earn a job- because soon he may be one in a long line of college beasts that turn into NFL bums.