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Terrell Owens Using Twitter to Find Work


Terrell Owens on Monday night, while watching Monday Night Football, offered his services to the New York Jets via Twitter. The Jets lost 23-17 at home to the unbeaten Houston Texans. While TO may have 1.2 million followers on Twitter, I am not sure how many of his followers are general managers and/or head coaches in the NFL.

His tweet read, “Hey JETS!!! I’m available! I’m ready, willing & able! Call my agent @jordanwoy & let’s make it happen.”

The tweet reeks of cheap cologne. All NFL teams know TO is a free agent, but this move won’t help him get a job with the Jets. It will be a hot topic at the water coolers on Tuesday in North Jersey and New York. Maybe for once, Tim Tebow won’t be the number one topic on Twitter, among with Jets fans…at least for a few hours, but it just adds to the debate and the Jets circus in North Jersey.

Terrell Owens agent Jordan Woy had about 1,500 followers before Owens tweet. But I am sure suddenly the man with 336 tweets to date will suddenly have a ton of new followers and tweets directed at him. The original was has been retweeted 12,292 times. Whether TO finds a job with the Jets or any other NFL team, it did get free exposure for his agent and calls from reporters.

Jordan Woy is with Willis & Woy Sports Group.  They are a full-service sports agency and in the business for 25 years.

  • Secured $400 Million+ in guaranteed money
  • $1.5 Billion+ in contracts

Woy has represented over 400 professional athletes in his 25-year career. Sports Illustrated and USA Today have ranked Jordan as one of the top ten football agents in the professional football industry.


If this method does not work for TO, what is next, Craig’s List? Be sure to keep open eye on the posting that will read, “Wide receiver with NFL experience seeks job – I have good hands at times.”