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The Holiday That Keeps On Giving

Holiday controlling the basketball

Holiday controlling the basketball

With the leaves falling and the seasons change, the Holidays are right around the corner. The time for giving and sharing is soon, but the Philadelphia 76ers point guard, Jrue Holiday keeps on giving the ball away to opposing teams. He leads the NBA with 42 turnovers on the young season and averages 6 turnovers per game. The person closest to him in the turnover category is All-Star small forward Kevin Durant averaging 4.1 turnovers a game and 33 on the season.

On Monday night, the Sixers fell to 4-3 on the season by losing to the 4-2 Milwaukee Bucks 105-96. In the third quarter, the Sixers were down by 16, but kept fighting their way back into the game. The Sixers rallied going ahead 94-93 score with 2:45 minutes left in the game. With the home town fans cheering about the Sixers taking the lead, crucial turnovers by Holiday lead the Bucks to a 9-0 run. Despite a good scoring performance with 25 points, the 8 turnovers by Holiday gave the Milwaukee Bucks the victory.

The 22 year-old Jrue Holiday has a lot of pressure on him this season. With the Sixers losing Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala in the offseason, Jrue is the man controlling the ball. The time is now for Holiday and Evan Turner to prove their worth to the Philadelphia fans and the 76ers organization. Holiday is playing at a high level with his scoring and assists, but his turnovers are really hurting the team. Holiday must continue to play aggressive and carry a good portion of the scoring responsibility especially since center Andrew Bynum is probably out until early 2013 with complications to his right knee.

For the Bucks, Brandon Jennings led the way with 33 points. He made some back-breaking shots against Philadelphia with many of them coming at the end of the shot clock. The Sixers Jason Richardson had an impressive return last night after missing four games with a sprained ankle. He found the fountain of youth with 2 of his 20 points coming from a 360 dunk.

The loss breaks the 76ers three game winning streak. Now they have lost to another team besides their rival New York Knicks. Next up the Sixers will host the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday night. Hopefully Jrue Holiday and the rest of the Philadelphia 76ers will be greedy and not give anymore holiday victories to opposing teams.