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Chip Kelly Names Mike Vick Starting Quarterback


The 2013 Philadelphia Eagles’ QB battle felt like Christmas morning, when we already knew what’s under the tree, but the parents, or in this case first year coach Chip Kelly, just wouldn’t get out of bed, go over to that tree, and let us tare open some gifts.

In this case, our present would be knowing who our starting QB may be week one. Everyone guessed that Michael Vick was the no-brainer, seeing as his mobility and quick release would  fit Chip Kelly’s college-style attack. But Kelly held an open competition for QB in his first season, leaving Birds fans wondering if we would ever get to open any presents, I mean, hear Kelly name a quarterback .

Well Chip’s got his guy, and it’s Vick. No surprise there.

Everybody knows the stats by now. Vick was 12-13, for 199 passing yards and two touchdown drives his first 40 or so snaps the first two games this preseason.

Not bad.  Some have even said flawless namely Greg Rosenthal of Kind of hard to argue with that assessment seeing as Vick’s only incomplete pass so far was a meaningless interception the last play of the half.

Vick didn’t just post good numbers through 2 weeks, but he passed the eye test this preseason.  Essentially, he just looks good!  His release has been quick & in rhythm, he’s making confident decisions plus for the first time in a while, Vick looks comfortable in the pocket. At times last year last season, it looked like Michael was running for his life.

Former Eagle running-back Brian Westbrook weighed in with his thoughts a few days ao on the Mike Missanelli show.

Westbrook said that pure competition is not always the best for an NFL team.  BWest highlighted the importance of team leaders.  Westbrook finished by saying, on an NFL team, that the leader is almost always the quarterback, and it helps to have an established leader asap in training camp.

Well Philadelphia, Michael Vick is our starter. If that is not for you, let’s find you a silver lining.

Even if Vick doesn’t get hurt, he will probably win at least five games. And if he doea get hurt, (btw he hasn’t played more than 13 games and over 5 years) than whoever the Philadelphia quarterback could probably squeak out more than five wins.

That’s a silver lining baby!' Dan Angelo says:

I personally think that when Vick is healthy, he can actually exceed expectations. His talents are still very special for the NFL, and troublesome for its d-coordinators.