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Should the Eagles Bench Vick?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles-Minicamp

Mike Vick passed 6-14 for 105 yards and no TDs…

Meanwhile Nick Foles was 16-25 for 197 and two scores…

However the running game was dormant once Vick left.  Before Vick’s injury, a hamstring that may keep him from starting this upcoming week against the Bucs, he rushed 7 times for 79 yards…

Foles has three rushes for 1 yard, but more importantly, LeSean McCoy was not nearly as effective in the second half, not even gaining ten yards in the second half after ahowing with Vick as his back-field compadre.

So is this article wishy-washy yet?  I’d say so, or maybe not!

Both QBs have their strong suits.  Just listen to how DeSean Jackson address the media post game.

“Mike was very effective throughout the game with his runs,” said Desean Jackson, (seven catches for 132 yards vs the Giants). “Teams want to take away certain things, and with Mike it’s taking away the run. It changes the dynamic of the game when he’s not out there. But what you saw with Foles making the good decisions and plays, I was very impressed with what he came in and did. He threw some great balls, made some great plays.”

Pretty Waffle-ee.

The one thing I will say is this- I think its more important to have a QB who can THROW the ball.  Vick sometimes looks like an extra running back in the backfield. It is easy to get enamored with what he can offer in ways of being elusive and that powerful arm of his.  However I am starting to wonder if this team wouldn’t be better off with Nick Foles as its starting QB, even though that will probably only happen with a Vick injury.

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