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Eagles Rumor Over: Chad Johnson wants to return to the Bengals


Dinner with Chad Johnson at Ms. Toostie’s in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – Over dinner in Philadelphia at Ms. Toostie’s, Chad Johnson said he was going to take this year off from football. He is in talks with the NFL Network and ESPN about work this season. Johnson also told me he is not in Philadelphia to meet with the Eagles. He did express that he wants to “Go Home,” meaning he wants to finish his career where it started with the Cincinnati Bengals.  His work ethic and diet should make any team not doubt how serious he is about wanting to make a come back. Johnson said goes to bed every night at 8:30 PM and rises at 5:00 AM everyday. He always watches what he eats.

Johnson, joking, said he wasn’t sure about doing TV and laughingly said he should just do porn. On the serious side, he said he hopes to patch things up with his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada; he was still wearing his ring and hopes she will give their marriage another chance. He expressed that he would get it right the second time and have a better wedding. I said look out for Chad 2.0 which he liked and may coin. Johnson has been known be a class act when it comes to paying the bill and picked up my tab for the night.


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