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From the Editor: All I Want for Christmas…


Let’s face it, November was a pretty rough month in Philadelphia, for sports, and for me personally as well.  A sudden termination of lease will do that to someone.  Luckily, my wife and I, as well as our dog Jackson, were able to find a new apartment with ease and alas, here I am writing this months editor message.

I’m sure everyone still has their minds set on the Eagles, or if you’re smart…don’t.  Both the Philadelphia Union and Philadelphia Phillies, whose seasons have been long over, are the last teams in the city to have won a game.  If the Flyers were playing, they would be on that list as well.  Eight weeks, eight losses, and still no sacking of Andy Reid.  No, it seems the Eagles are finding scapegoats in just about everyone except for Reid.  With the firing two nights ago of D-line coach Jim Washburn directly following the birds game against Dallas, you have to wonder when, because it’s not a matter of if now, Reid will get the axe.

Of course, the Andrew Bynum news wasn’t good in November either, as it was discovered that not one, but both of his knees were shot, ruling him out indefinitely.  While the Sixers aren’t doing half bad, every game Bynum doesn’t play is hurting the team both on the court and financially.

So that was November, but this is December, and Christmas is a time of giving.  So what does Philadelphia want for Christmas?  On the Eagles side, Santa could send a letter of termination to Andy Reid.  This is a likely gift, but it may come a little late.  Josh Hamilton should definitely be on the Phillies list, but nothing is free, even from Santa.  Hamilton comes with a huge price tag, but it’s a price Amaro should pay.  The Philadelphia Union could get an early gift from St. Nick, as Danny Califf was put on the re-entry draft list.  As a player who should have never left the team in the first place, the front office could make the Sons of Ben and all Union fans have a merry Christmas by bringing him back.

What do the Flyers want for Christmas you ask?  Oh, just a season…you know…so they can play.  I don’t even think Santa can fulfill this one.  This lockout is nowhere near an end unfortunately.

Finally, what do I want for Christmas?  I won’t bore you with my list, but we have some cool things coming your way from Philly Sports Live including an eventual live webcast and a possible Philly Sports Live soccer desk podcast.  In the meantime, we always value your feedback.  Shoot us a tweet over @PhillySportLive or send us an email at

Merry Christmas,

Julian Brown, Editor in Chief