Eagles’ Secondary All New This Year

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In the offseason leading up to the 2011 NFL season, the Eagles traded for Dominic Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha, completing a befensive backfield full of dynamic cornerbacks.  Both pick ups were considered to fill a big hole in a secondary that was hampered by injuries in 2010.  

Three years later, all three pro bowlers now play elsewhere. How dows that happen?

Well one would think that three pro bowlers at corner back would be the talk of camp. As it turner out, it was just one of many stories in a training camp full of fresh faces and juicy soundbites.  Right off an unexpected 10-6 season, the Eagles front office went overboard trying to capitalize on their new-found, diamond in the rough, back-up QB-find, Michael Vick. Since the Eagles traded away Kevin Kolb to acquire Rodgers Cromartie from the Cardinals they needed a new backup QB. So one of thr many moves the Eagles made was to acquire former Tenessee Titan, Vince Young and we all remember what happened next.

Vince Young called the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles a Dream Team before they even suited up for a single game. When the fire-storm media frenzy died down from Young’s dream t eam comments, disaster ensued.

The Eagles started 4-8.  

They were getting chuckled about daily on ESPN.

Lesson 1.  A grown man should never say he is on a “dream team” unless he has won at leasta few games and established a winning culture, before worrying about gloating.

 Starting 4-8 along with Young’s comments was nothing short of embarrassing for Philadelphia football.  It remains a year to look back on and laugh, because let’s face it, that year was a joke.

After rallying at the end of the season to get to 8-8 in 2011, the Eagle defense looked like it was beginning to grow into a decent young unit.  The wide-9 rallied late to post a league high number of sacks, and things began to look up when people thought of the 2012 season. What a scam!

The 2012 off-season was not really a promising time in Philadelphia Eagles-land.  However, that could never stop the Mickey Mousers at ESPN from dressing up the Eagles in pretty cilora and tying a bow on top. There were ewal problems. Vick’ injury prone style of play combined with zero help pass blocking led to doasyer all season.

However, for some strange reason, with all the problems on offense, the Eagles front office still managed throw a wrench in the defensive backfield.

The plan became dumping diagruntled, ex pro-bowler Asante Samuel.  Hmm.  You mean the only guy on the entire secondary to have any winning on his NFL resume?

 Asante moved on to the Falcons and helped them to the NFC Championship game.Meanwhile the Eagles secondary was busy allowing over 30 TDs on their way to a 4-12 record.

Maybe we should’ve found a way to have keep the winner around !

Wow.  So let’s catch all the way up to the current situation.

1. not a lot of respect for the Eagle’s defense…

2. …especially their secondary.

3. whole new group of guys come in including safeties Kenny Phillips and Patrick Chung with new corners Cary Williams, and Brandon Fletcher

According to some, including CSNPhilly.com’s Ruben Frank, it is actually second year corner Brandon Boykins who’s had the best camp of any Eagles corner.  However, according Cary Williams and Brandon Fletcher were brought into start so Boykins will most likely continue to work as an NFL nickel corner.  Defensive coordinator Billy Davis likes Boykin as a Nickel corner.  Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher will most likely receive the starting nods outside, but this new look secondary hopes to bring a new attitude to this season.

I personally love that Cary Williams did not want to deal with the chatter from the Patriots in the first preseason game.  If you missed the game, Williams was ejected for shoving a first-year Patriots receiver.

But to reiterate, I am excited that Williams is trying to bring a culture of respect back to the Eagles D.  We have been sorely hurting for some attitude since the departure of Brian Dawkins.

Nobody wants to hear disrespectful chatter, and Williams said he felt his Baltimore Ravens were given more respect becausr he never heard this chatter when he played alongside Ray Lewis. Sure, Williams was ejected, but his team will be thanking him later- here’s why.

It’s not just this secondary, but this whole defense and entire team really that needs more respect.  Respect flows from people becoming leaders and creating a respectable culture- the type of environment where a visiting, rookie receiver would be afraid to open his mouth, as opposed to spouting off at a rival teams’ defensive leader.  

Williams’ choice to stick up for the respect of his team and his teammates should help to bond this retooled defense.

The 16 million dollars payed to Cary Williams over the next three years will be money well spent if Cary can instill that Super Bowl level mental toughness in this secondary that he was used to in Baltimore. The Birds blew it the last few times they dealt in the corner back market, buying two duds and selling a stud who was also a champion.  So in my eyes, from a pure football and winning point of view, we should all feel things are right on track for Williams acclimating the rest of the league for the new way things will be run in Eagle-town

Let’s hope we see something change in that secondary, because getting lit up for 2 touchdowns every game is not going to help our first-year head coach Chip Kelly get any confidence.  Although the Eagles secondary stunk out-loud against the  Patriots, let’s be fair, this is a work in progress.

If Williams can play up to the level of his contract, the Eagles may have found a new leader for their secondary.

That is something to smile about in my book.

Let us hope for Mr. Williams’ sake that his young teammates can buy into his Super Bowl pedigree and rise out of this mediocrity.

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